We suggest to examine the latest technological trends present on the market as well as those to monitor, then to identify their deployment potential [...]

Cases Studies

HRIS – Change Management

Mandate and Challenge To standardize its different HR systems and improve its processes, our client, a leading company in the agri‑food industry, wanted to adopt a standardized human capital solution within its Canadian and American divisions. As is the case when any systems and process changes are implemented, the success of the project depended on […]

Artificial Intelligence

SAPPHIRE NOW Conference 2017: Three Breakthrough SAP Innovations!

Every year, enterprise software solutions giant SAP gathers together people from around the world to its SAPPHIRE NOW conference 2017 in Orlando, Florida. At the event, business leaders, customers, prospects and other decision-makers meet and discuss the technological solutions of today and tomorrow. This event was a opportunity to obtain an overview of SAP innovations […]


Smart Contracts and Their Possible Applications within the Supply Chain

Customers, regulatory agencies and governments are increasingly requiring businesses to maintain proof of authenticity, origin, work at any stage in the supply chain and social impact of raw materials. Proof of such elements is indeed required, but shouldn’t the information thereby reported also be reliable? You are going to say that contracts protect us, but […]

Artificial Intelligence

Four Ways for Businesses to Use AI

Four Ways for Businesses to Use AI Artificial intelligence presents employers with a technological alternative to their traditional modes of operation. With its emergence, businesses are now able to create programs and equipment that allow for autonomous decision-making through the smart interpretation of large volumes of data. Be it in the fields of health care, […]


IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, BPaaS: parlez-vous le Cloud?

Tout le monde connait le Cloud. Mais saviez-vous qu’il existe différent trois grandes catégories de services en nuage disponibles que sont IaaS, PaaS, SaaS et BPaaS ? IaaS, ou Infrastructure as a Service, est le service plus bas niveau que l’on puisse trouver dans le Cloud. Le fournisseur de service va mettre à disposition une […]


SAPPHIRE NOW 2017 : 3 nouveautés SAP marquantes

Chaque année, SAP, le géant de solutions logiciels d’entreprise, réunit des personnes du monde entier à sa conférence SAPPHIRE NOW à Orlando, en Floride. Dirigeants d’entreprises, clients, prospects ou encore décideurs se rencontrent et échangent sur les solutions technologiques d’aujourd’hui et de demain. Cet évènement fut l’occasion d’avoir une vue d’ensemble sur les nouveautés SAP […]

Leadership de projets

Application mobile vs site Web mobile : comment faire le bon choix?

Application mobile vs site Web mobile Avez-vous déjà fait le compte du nombre d’applications que vous avez téléchargé sur votre téléphone cellulaire? La réponse doit tourner autour d’une centaine, sans compter le nombre de mises à jour proposées toute les semaines! Pour quelle solution opter : application mobile ou site Web mobile? Selon l’utilisation que […]