In this section you will find all the articles relating to our four service offerings: Technology Strategy and Innovation, Strategic Architecture, Project [...]

Technology Strategy and Innovation

A new service offer based on Design Thinking

Last week, Talsom unveiled its new “Technology Strategy and Innovation” service offer at Salon Connexion. This new offer based on the Design Thinking approach, is part of the support that Talsom offers companies in all of their digital transformation from strategy to implementation, through business architecture, project leadership and change management. A digital transformation powered […]

Cases Studies

Lassonde Projet Concur

Mandate and challenges In recent years, Lassonde’s growth has led to an increased need for travel.This new business reality led Lassonde to reconsider the way it manages travel and employee expenses.Talsom was commissioned to manage the implementation and deploymentof the complete solution for managing business travel and employee expenses throughout the entire company. More […]

Technology Strategy and Innovation

Design Thinking helping digital transformation

72% of executives think that the next three years will be more crucial for their industry than the last five. Nowadays, every company is looking for something that will differentiate them from the competition and will propel them on the innovation track. Does a magical solution really exist? It’s hard to say. However, placing the […]

Transformation and Change Management

Manage the change. Strategy at the heart of the action.

Acquiring a new factory. Optimizing business processes. Deploying a technological solution. All of these changes have one thing in common: they result in the evolution of beliefs, values, behaviours and ways of doing things. It is accordingly essential to employ a targeted, engaging strategy to adequately accompany all stakeholders concerned. Are you about to build […]